Why MMSAuto?

This workshop has been started by honest Petrol Heads who are passionate about Cars and people.

We setup this service to assist friends and family who had been robbed/taken advantage off by Mechanics and Dealerships but soon started servicing vehicles of work colleagues too. You'd be surprised how many people complain about their mechanics robbing them or messing their vehicles up, so we set out to help those who needed/wanted help....

What you will notice with us:

> We do not Rush any jobs or take any short cuts.

> We are cheaper than the Agents but provide a much higher quality of service and experience.

> We only use Genuine Premium parts and fluids or if need be we use the Suitable Generic made by the original manufacturer.

> We have great knowledge and access to Mechanical repair programs

> We have the correct/specialized tools required to do the job properly the first time around

> We double and triple check every area we work on to ensure nothing is missed.

> Each and every Bolt/Nut/Screw is torqued down to the Manufacturer Specifications to ensure nothing over-tightened or under-tightened. Stretch Bolts are replaced as they get stretched longer when first torqued down.

> Vehicles booked in with us are cared for like they were our own. The vehicles are Kept, worked on and stored in a lockup garage until owner collects.

> If we are not comfortable with the Job/requirements from the start, we will not take on the Job but rather refer you to a Specialist within that Area/field. we do not take on work that we cannot finish or complete.