Minor and Major Services

We at MMS Auto are able to perform Minor and Major Services/Repairs to all Makes and Models of Vehicles. We believe that servicing your vehicle regularly according to the Manufacturer Specifications is important in prolonging the life of the Engine as well as the overall Vehicle. We only use Genuine/OEM parts and we insist on not putting any Cheap after market parts when servicing your car.

Oil/Fuel filters are crucial in the filtering and trapping of any dirt/debris/particles in the Oil/Fuel before it enters the engine. With such an important task, why should you take any chances with Cheap filters? in most cases these types of service items are not that much more expensive at the Agents, why not spends a few small bucks and get peace of mind the first time around :)

In terms of Oil, We opt for using Liqui Moly, Mobil 1, Shell Helix, Motul or other premium brands only as Oil tends to break down over time and with all the heat and cooling cycles your car is going through, it is important to make sure you service on time because once the oil gets old and you pass the service interval, it usually means the oil has become thinner and dirty and its lubrication properties would be greatly impacted by this causing more wear within the engine itself.

In some cases with High performance cars, minor Oil services are done every 7500km's and not every 15000km's as stated by the manufacturers, this is because these cars are driven much harder and go through much more heat and stress than regular vehicles so the oil is replaced before it starts degrading to ensure minimal wear within the Engine.

Here's what the Oil/Minor Service kit for the ///M3 / Z4 M Coupe looks like.

This Contains:

Liqui Moly 10W60 RaceTech GTI Engine Oil - Proven to reduce engine wear and does well under extreme conditions

Liqui Moly Anti Friction Additive - Proven to reduce friction of engine parts on cold start up's.

BMW S54 oil Filter with Sump nut washer, seals and o-rings.

Here's some Pics from the last Oil service we performed on the ///M Coupe.

This Filter was in the car for 4 months and just 2000km's.

Here's a new Genuine Oil Filter marked as well so that we know when it went in and when it comes out! Ensuring this important component is always replaced!!

Peace of mind, Everytime!! :)

Old Seals and O-rings vs New Seals and O-rings

The new seals in place and the Oil filter housing Cap Cleaned and ready for assembly