4. Ford Focus ST225

The ST had been purchased with the Intention of it being one day a Nitrous Fed Monster! When we collected it, the car was stock Standard and looking rather bland, we spent the next 2 years transforming this car into a Beast.

We First started by fitting the following:

> TnT 76mm Decatted Downpipe

> TnT 76mm Performance Exhaust

> Custom Cold Air Intake

> Performance Intercooler

> REVO Stage 2 performance Software

Result = We had taken the power from a Std 155kw's at the wheels to 198Kw at the wheels. The performance had improved dramatically, Torque went up close to 100Nm... We were happy with the way she performed and to top it off, the Fuel Consumption also improved.

We then started looking for more power so we then did the following:

> Built and Fitted new Custom Boost pipes

> Install Forge DV onto Turbo

> Installed a WOTBOX - to enable Launch control and no lift shifting.

> Fitted a 200hp wet shot Nitrous Kit.

And then we rebuilt the ST motor with Stronger Ford Focus RS Con-Rods, Pistons and sleeved the Cylinders to ensure strength when boosting with Nitrous!

Once the power craving had been taken care of, We then started with Aerodynamic and Suspension Mods to improve handling,

> Imported and fitted Triple R Front Splitter from the UK to add some downforce to the front end at high speed...

> Imported and fitted a Focus RS rear Wing as it looked fantastic and added downforce to the rear end at high speed.

> Imported and fitted 19" Ford Focus RS500 limited edition (light-weight) Rims to add more rubber on the road for Grip.

> CNC machined 15mm Hub Spacers for the front and 20mm Hub Spacers for the rear, these gave the car a very aggressive stance and made steering alot more sharper!

> Focus RS Bonnet Vents had been fitted to allow heat to escape the engine bay, assisted with Cooling.

This car ended up being such a Brute! It sounded, looked and drove amazing well!

Pics of the RS Bottom end build