8. BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe

The BMW Z4 M Coupe! What a machine!! Only 1052 have been produced in RHD format world wide and only 206 where brought into South Africa, so its a very rare specimen.... We just had to have it so we sold the E36 M3 to make room for this.

Powered with the same Multi award winning S54 Engine from the E46 M3, this was BMW's last Natually aspirated ///M 6 Cylinder vehicle produced...

It's low and light!!! 1360kg's with only 2 seats, it Shares the same Engine as the late model E46 M3, The bigger more aggressive Brakes, sharper hydraulic Steering rack and Suspension components come from the BMW E46 M3 CSL making the Z4M Coupe an absolute blast to drive!!

Buying this Vehicle second hand meant it was time to look at doing some Maintenance in order to ensure it gets a clean bill of health and keeps on performing for another 10 years!

We started by getting the full history from BMW to see what had been changed,serviced or replaced under motorplan, then we targeted all the wear and tear items that where 9 years old..

> Fist step was to replace the old Engine and Gearbox mountings! we used uprated Poly mountings which are slightly harder but stronger than the standard mountings.

> Next up was to service and change out all Fluids: Engine Oil, Gearbox oil, Diff Oil, Brake Fluid, Power steering fluid, Cooling system Antifreeze.

> Engine Work - Due to the S54 motor being prone to Spin Rod bearings, we decided that in order to preserve the motor, we need to get the Rod bearings replaced at this mileage... the engine build addressed the following: New ConRod Bearings, Vanos system overhaul with imported Beisen kit and Valve Clearances where done to ensure the cams are opening the valves to their correct spec...

> New M3 CSL Brake Discs and pads where fitted.

> Rear shock mounts and Rear Trailing Arm limiters fitted to improve rear end Stability at high speed cornering.

> Rebuilt Limited slip Differential to address worn bearings and a leaking pinion seal.

> Removed, cleaned and reinstalled Intake Manifold,Individual Throttle Bodies and idle Control Valve to improve engine idle and resolve misfire and improve fuel consumption as well as throttle response.

> Vehicle was detailed to remove scratches and swirl marks from Paint work as well as add gloss depth and colour.

The below Pics show of some of the work carried out on this vehicle

New uprated Poly Gearbox Mountings with new replacement Nuts vs Old Mountings.

Old Engine Mount vs New Uprated Poly Mount with new locking nuts

New vs Old rear Shock Mounting and new reinforcing plates.

Throttles before

Throttles After Carbon Cleaning

Oil/Minor service Kit

This Contains:

Liqui Moly 10W60 RaceTech GTI Engine Oil - Proven to reduce engine wear and does well under extreme conditions

Liqui Moly Anti Friction Additive - Proven to reduce friction of engine parts on cold start up's.

BMW S54 oil Filter with Sump nut washer, seals and o-rings.

Here's some Pics from the last Oil service we performed on the ///M Coupe.

This Filter was in the car for 4 months and just 2000km's.

Here's a new Genuine Oil Filter marked as well so that we know when it went in and when it comes out! Ensuring this important component is always replaced!!

Peace of mind, Everytime!! :)

Old Seals and O-rings vs New Seals and O-rings

The new seals in place and the Oil filter housing Cap Cleaned and ready for assembly

Restoring Exhaust Boxes... Before and after..

Removed,Rebuilt and re-installed the Limited Slip Differential.

We also spent some time detailing the Z4.

Final product

Before and after steering reconditioning.