1. BMW E30 325i sedan and Coupe

We Purchased the 89 E30 325i Coupe in 2008, it was a 2 owner car and well maintained with the last owner being a Greek lady driver... The car was stock standard and absolutely original! we just had to have it..... almost 10 years later, its such a pleasure to drive. The engine hasn't been opened, its such a well built trouble free vehicle which is now still mostly original apart from the Freeflow exhaust and Coilover suspension and limited slip Differential to improve performance and handling.

We purchased the 91 E30 325i Sedan in 2009, Another well looked after'd vehicle which we enjoyed for a while before selling it to a friend at the time. it was also very much original apart from the performance exhaust the previous owner had fitted. This E30 was Sold to make room for the Audi S3.