2. AUDI 8P S3

At the time we purchased this vehicle it was completely stock standard in Manual format, We figured with its Quattro system and K04 Turbo it would be a great competitor for Drag and Gymkhana events and indeed, this Beast served us well!

We started off by loading performance software which released some hidden power and improved fuel consumption, immediately we were happy with the Tune from REVO @ VagTechnik , we then fitted a ITG High Flow Cold Air Intake with Decatted 76mm Downpipe equipped with a Stage 2 File from REVO this car performed well at its first outing,,, Dragwars 2010 at Tarlton raceway where it managed a 13.6 on its first time out at the track... We were able to reach a best of 13.1 at ODI raceway on Stage 2.

Fitting a High Pressure Fuel Pump, Water methanol injection, Full 76mm Performance exhaust and H&R Race springs with REVO Stage 2+ Tune, this vehicle soon became the "Fastest standard turbo S3 in SA back in 2010" It did a 12.7 sec pass at Tarlton Raceway which was later beaten by a friend in 2011.

We did other mods to include Launch Control, Intercooler Cooling system and the S3 won or placed well in our Classes in many events including 1st Place @ Tarlton's Sport Compact race series, 2nd Place at Tuna Wars 2010 as well some Trophy's for attending Dyno days and Gymkhana's.

All in all this Vehicle really shook the racing scene back in 2010 as it had claimed the Title of the Fastest standard Turbo S3 in the Country and launched like no other... not bad for some bolt on's.

What started out as a standard Audi 8P S3..

Then went through a series of Transformation...