MMS - About Us

MMS Auto, which stands for " Meticulous Mechanical Services " is a small privately owned vehicle maintenance garage/workshop that was established in 2015 by Clinton and Nathan in the Johannesburg Northgate Area, The Brothers who are passionate about Fast Cars, Motorsport and Racing.. So they decided to start this small garage to help out family, friends and work colleagues with honest, meticulous and quality vehicle maintenance, services and repairs.

The truth is that we as motor vehicle owners have at some point in our lives going been taken for a ride/ripped off by the people/Mechanics/workshops and even main stream dealerships whom we trust with maintaining our vehicles.

You often hear many horror stories like the following :

> Mechanics charging Clients for parts but not changing spark plugs, filters, Oils and fluids.

> Mechanics Stealing parts off Client cars and using on other vehicles

> Mechanics not using proper gaskets, using thick silcone in Engine.

> Mechanics Charging you for parts that are not completely worn down or finished.

> You find screws/nuts/bolts missing after your car comes back from a service... in some cases we received cars that where serviced with a mainstream dealerships while under motorplan yet there were bolts missing, covers and under trays missing, damaged or not properly fixed with the correct Bolts/nuts/screws.

We too have had bad experiences with Dealerships/Mechanics/Workshops in the past:

> The Senior Mechanic at a mainstream dealer stole the Turbo Charger of my car and swapped it out with a faulty unit.

> Dealership Mechanics not fitting screws/bolts/nuts and plastic under panels after working on cars.

> Dealership mechanics racing abusing the car during test drives.

> Dealership Mechanic closed the bonnet with tools in the engine bay, damaged the bonnet

> Dealership Mechanic broke plastic clips on Airbox while doing service.

After many bad experiences, we decided since we had studied Motor Mechanics in High School and have good mechanical knowledge as well as the proper tools, why not maintain our own vehicles and those of our Friends and Family?! this way we can ensure we all get the best possible service as well as highest quality parts and fluids are going into our Vehicles, they are properly maintained with the highest levels of attention to detail and no one gets robbed or overcharged.. Thus we started our journey into Exceptional Vehicle Maintenance...

Welcome MMS Auto....