Welcome to MMS Auto

Welcome to the home page of MMS Auto!

This site has been created to give you an overview of our business and the Quality services we offer to the public.

We call ourselves car enthusiasts with a love for all brands of cars but we do have a strong passion for BMW ///M... Having owned, raced and maintained some high performance and modified cars in the past, we fast learned that in order to keep your pride and joy in tip top shape....

Maintenance is the key!!! Service and Maintain your vehicle regularly as stated in your service manual to avoid premature wear and tear and/or catastrophic failure. Using Quality Parts and Premium Fluids is another way to ensure only the best goes into your vehicle making sure it stays healthier for longer and addresses any premature wear and tear within your vehicle's engine.

Our garage's Sole focus is to ensure that you as the customer receives the ultimate level of service and that your Vehicle is maintained to unmatched standards of quality on Vehicles that have passed their warranty period with the Manufacturer.

To ensure the best possible customer satisfaction, we have adopted the following business practices:

> We ensure high levels of attention to detail, no short cuts are taken, no jobs are rushed! We strive for perfection first time around.

> All parts used in services and maintenance is off the highest quality manufacturer standards. No Cheap after-market parts are used... AT ALL!!!

> All Fluids used in services and maintenance is off the highest quality manufacturer standards. In most cases, we choose to use Liqui Moly as the preferred oil in our vehicles as they have been tested with beyond impressive results across the world but we do adhere to manufacturer specs.

> All used or old parts that are removed from the vehicles when serviced is then given back to the Customer for peace of mind.

> We ensure that your Vehicle is well taken care off and any faults/issues that we pick up along the way is then communicated to the Customer.

> We take loads of pics for each and every vehicle we work on, the pics are then uploaded and sent to the owners as some individuals like ourselfs keep files with full history of our vehicles. these pics add loads of value to your Maintenance file when it comes time to sell your pride and joy...

> Customer Vehicles are Kept, serviced and stored secure in lock up garage until collected by Customer.

We look forward to providing you with unmatched service and prolonging the life of your Motor Vehicle.

Please Contact Us for any further info.